about us

about us

Our History

Damafin Company is a leader in the production of air cooler converters in 1992 with the aim of meeting one of the strategic needs of the oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant industries after concluding a contract for transferring technical knowledge and purchasing machinery under license from GEA / Btt France, which is one of the most reputable and It is the oldest manufacturer of air-cooled converters in the world. With the installation of machinery and equipment of production lines and training of key personnel in the fields of thermal design, engineering, production and quality control by GEA / Btt Company, the products of Damafin Company (dtt) entered the Iranian consumer market under the GEA / Btt trademark. Procurement of raw materials and equipment for air-cooled converters by maintaining the standards of the large group of GEA / Btt from the most reputable global sources, along with thermal and mechanical design by experienced experts and the use of advanced software, has made it possible to attract domestic and foreign project employers. Damafin Company is proud to have implemented more than one hundred large oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant projects with the highest international standards and has taken an important step towards the localization of this industry.


about us

Our mission

Damafin with the aim of localizing the equipment required by the country through the development of technical and physical knowledge by creating employment at the national level in the design, manufacture and installation of fixed and rotating industrial equipment in the field of oil, gas, petrochemical, Refineries and other energy sectors of the country such as heat exchangers, air conditioners, using knowledge, modern technology, outstanding human capital and the participation of reputable international companies with a focus on quality improvement, Stable supply, timely delivery, flexibility to change, customer needs and value creation for all its stakeholders in the country.


Damafin Thermal Company is a leading and steadfast organization in practice in meeting the requirements of international standards by applying the latest technology and knowledge in the design, engineering, construction and installation of fixed equipment, industrial rotation and process packages in the form of EPC projects. And with the ability to export in compliance with safety, environmental commitments and focus on creating sustainable benefits for all its stakeholders to be recognized so that this competitive advantage from the perspective of customers leads to the selection of this company as a top executive contractor.

Organizational values of Damafin
Organizational Agility
Participation and teamwork
Continuous improvement
Focusing on creativity and innovation
Customer Orientation
Respect and reverence
Commitment and responsibility
With a focus on self-control
Trust and honesty
To all stakeholders of the organization
Customer satisfaction
!Customer is our boss
Tribute to the collection
Focusing on motivating the organization
Better service
Improve the quality of service and after sales services

Senior Management Team Members

Mohammad Hossein Vaziri (Chairman)
Mohsen Mollai (Managing Director)
Farhad Mirzaeian (Deputy of Managing Director)
Mehdi Heidarzadeh ( Deputy of Planning and Project Affairs)
Behzad Sheikhbeigi (Chief Marketing Officer )
Ayatollah Gholizadeh (Engineering Manager)
Mohammad Kordzadeh (Human Resources Manager)
Hadi Esmaeili (Finance Manager)
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