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After Sales Services

Due to the importance of “after sales services” in accordance to customer care principle, since 2007 a separate unit has been established employing experienced technicians to provide these services in order to serve 25-year after sales services for its products.

After sales services include:

  • Renovation and restoration of the launched sites
  • Supply and construction of 2-year and 5-year spare parts
  • Supervisory services
  • Training services for sites personnels
  • Services related to repair and replacement of finned tubes

The expert team of experienced technicians of DAMAFIN Company ensures optimum performance and prevents probable damages.


Spare Parts
DAMAFIN Thermal Technology Company provides all spare parts for its products, either from stock ,when available, or manufactures on demand in compliance with the original parts. Spare parts are inspected under our Quality Assurance system.
Spare parts that DAMAFIN provides include:

  • Finned tubes
  • Mechanical parts (axial fans, blades and accessories)
  • Pressure parts (header, joints)
  • Electrical parts (electrical motors, vibration switches)
  • Instrumentation


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