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DAMAFIN Design & Engineering Department relies on the most advanced computer facilities for:
• Thermal design
• Mechanical design
• Steel Structure design
• Piping & Instrumentation

After receiving and accepting the order, the Design & Engineering Department reviews all aspects of the design, taking the customers' comments into account, before commencing production in our workshops.
Designers are fully trained under GEA/Btt Agreement for designing air coolers and condensers. DAMAFIN, enjoying a high level of experience in heat exchangers, has already designed, manufactured and installed several air coolers in big industrial projects. Proof of our experience lies in the great variety of our design works. The complicated and time-consuming calculations that are indispensable in obtaining optimum results, can be performed quickly and faultlessly by DAMAFIN Design & Engineering Department with the use of specially-designed computer programs and the latest edition of standards. Furthermore, consulting and design services are preformed for other companies by our Design and Engineering Department.


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