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DAMAFIN thermal design concepts are created to work in applications requiring techniques and materials capable of withstanding extreme operating conditions. Using specific software developed by French GEA-Btt, our thermal engineers carry out calculations relating to heat transfer, fluid flow, noise, vibration and fouling. With our professional and active thermal engineers, we have the advantage of having the latest information regarding heat transfer calculations and techniques.
DAMAFIN thermal section in Sales Engineering Department is specialized in:
1. Improvement and updating thermal rating programs
2. Selection of the most optimized type and size of air coolers (Forced, Induced, etc.)
3. Calculation of dimension, size and selection of the type of material for air coolers components
4. Prediction of the noise level
5. Preparation of specifications sheet (data sheet)
6. Preparation of the preliminary bill of the material and calculation of the estimated weight of air coolers
7. Cost estimation
8. Preparation of air cooler plan
9. Performance of different types of finned tubes (calculation of heat transfer and pressure drop).

DAMAFIN has gained reputation for its expertise and know-how in the design of air coolers. It has earned this reputation by providing innovative designs for its products. These innovations have provided our clients with optimized solutions for all required applications such as high operating pressures, high temperatures, corrosive fluids and environments. The software that Thermal Section engineers use are: Therm, B-JAC, HTRI, HEXTRAN.


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