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Plug Header
The plug header is the most commonly used up to 350 bar working pressure. The plug hole opposite each tube allows expansion of the tube in the tube sheet, mechanical cleaning and plugging in case of leakage. Seal welding or strength welding can be provided for high partial hydrogen pressure services resulting in a less expensive solution than the use of pipe header generally used for over 200 bar service pressure.


Cover Plate Header
The cover plate header is used for fluids with high fouling factors up to 40 bar max when frequent mechanical cleaning is required. It is used for very corrosive process fluids so as to periodically check the corrosion allowances. Special cover plate headers using welded gaskets are provided for hydrogen service units in hydro cracking plants.

Pipe Header
The pipe headers are used for working pressures over 200 bar. The U-bend tubes are welded to the weldolets on the pipe. The welds are heat-treated and X-ray tested.


Welded Bonnet Header
The welded bonnet type is used in certain cases for special services such as ammonia condensers, freon condensers and vacuum steam condensers. One of the advantages of this design is the full welded construction which provides the perfect sealing required for such applications.


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