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Air Coolers

DAMAFIN air coolers are used for cooling and condensing all types of fluids. You will find them as process coolers in the oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants industries. Furthermore, they are used as partial or total condensers in the oil and gas refineries as well as petrochemical and power plant industries. The most evident advantages of air coolers are:
• No problem arising due to thermal and chemical pollution of the cooling fluids
• Flexibility in installation at any plant locations and plot-plan arrangements such as installation over other units
• Reduction of maintenance costs such as cleaning inside of the exchanger tubes if required
• No need of over-sizing the equipment due to tube fouling
• Easy installation through bolted assembly
DAMAFIN is able to design and manufacture Air Coolers for up to a pressure of 1000 bar application.

Induced Draft Unit
The induced draft unit provides a steady and durable thermal performance through protection of the finned surfaces against wind, rain, and snow by the plenum chamber. The induced draft also ensures:
• Better air distribution
• Less hot air recirculation
• Less fouling
• Lower noise at grade

Forced Draft Unit
The forced draft unit allows an easy access to the fans and bundles for maintenance. Furthermore, the fans remain in the cold ambient air.


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